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 Talk SlipKnot.

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PostSubject: Talk SlipKnot.   Talk SlipKnot. I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 2:19 pm

Vocals; Corey Taylor.
Guitar; James Root.
Guitar; Mick Thomson.
Bass; Paul Gray.
Sampler/Keyboard; Craig '133' Jones.
DJ; Sid Wilson.
Drummer; Joey Jordison.
Custom Percussionist; Shawn Crahan.
Custom Percussionist; Chris Fehn.

Slipknot formed in the year of 1995 as a result of the work of Paul, Shawn and Anders Colsefni (ex-vocalist). (They had originally played with the idea of making a band as early as 1993 and even began writing songs; however the project fell through when Shawn became busy with his welding occupation.) These three along with guitarists Donnie Steele (ex- Body Pit guitarist) and Quan Nong began practising under the name of Meld. However, at some point Quan Nong left, this time is uncertain, but is expected to be following the first six practices due to his following of a more Alternative/Punk style. Following his departure the band started anew, with a project named, "The Pale Ones". During this period Shawn (a.k.a Clown) was the lead drummer.

Paul was determined to get Joey involved with his new project, despite failing to receive his interest in earlier projects such as Body Pit. Paul met up with Joey at Sinclair's where Joey worked nights, there he tempted Joey to watch rehearsals within Anders' basement. Joey reluctantly agreed and despite missing two rehearsals due to work priorities, eventually made it down to the basement to view a practice session. This basement, was "largely, open spaced", not only was the area so small and cramped but for soundproofing the members used carpet samples and scraps from a nearby pet grooming centre, these made the whole basement smell of Cat piss. The first song that Joey heard them play was a song known as "Slipknot", followed by "Gently" and "Fur". Joey soon realised that he had to be in this band and soon began to play the drums; pushing Shawn onto percussion. A band had formed.

Within the cramped basement new songs were being turned out by the minute, including titles such as "Killers Are Quiet", "Bitchslap", "Do Nothing", "Confessions", "Some Feel", "Part of Me" and "Tattered and Torn". Paul, Shawn and Joey also began to meet up at Sinclair's to discuss ideas and plans for the future. Here they planned everything, here they decided the rules that define the current Slipknot.

Information courtesy of;

Talk here about SlipKnot.


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PostSubject: Re: Talk SlipKnot.   Talk SlipKnot. I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 2:20 pm

They're shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Talk SlipKnot.   Talk SlipKnot. I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 6:10 am

I disagree, thier not "shit" But thier not great either.
Thier moderate.
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Talk SlipKnot.
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