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 A fat guy and a drug addict stuck in a car. A millennium fanfic.

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PostSubject: A fat guy and a drug addict stuck in a car. A millennium fanfic.   Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:09 pm

Okay i wrote this JUST NOW I AM SO TIRED. Anyway, Schrodinger isn't a druggie.
This story idea i got from Mischa in the hospital. And i just wrote around it and made the fat guy and the drug addict Herr Major and Schrodinger. Oh and the one German part that isn't translated isn't ment to be.
You can translate it if you want. I didn't write anything much, just a [ insert and such such words here] you can leave what he said to your imagination. Very Happy

Lots of people feel chatty on E. (These chats don't always make sense to people who aren't
on an E).
Effects of 2CB The body feels hypersensitive and lots of people get aroused( I lold)

It was almost midnight on friday. And why they were there,when they were was not right.
They had been there for almost an hour. Unable to leave while those flesh eating dogs circled
the white van.
In the van sat or more like tried to sleep a teenage boy with cat ears and a short fat man
with glasses.
The fat man with glasses or else known as Herr Major was leaning against the left side of
the van trying to get some sleep. Although an hour ago he was pretty sure he had sent the
catboy out to get some help.
But the catboy or else known as Schrodinger was still sitting in the far corner of the van. In
In the same position he was an hour ago.
"Schrodinger" There was a pause."Erklärte ich Ihnen nicht zu gehen erhalte Hilfe?"
No response from the catboy.
So Herr Major decided to ask again thinking through his drowsyness he didn't speak all
that loud, not that it matter.
"Schrodinger, did i not ask jou to go get help?"
Once again the catboy seemed to have ignored him.
But then he spoke up.
"Ich kann nicht gehen. Es gibt Bienen in meinen Hosen."
Which the response left Herr Major rather confused.
"Vhat." Is what all he could say.
Then Herr Major moved over and sat next to Schrodinger.
Schrodinger tilted his head to look at him and then repeated himself.
"I can't go. I haf bees in my pants."
The catboy was grinning like a chesire cat. He then began laughing histericaly as though
Herr Major just told the funniest joke in world.
In that instant Schrodinger stood up and walked around as if he was looking for something.
"Hören Sie diese Dummheit auf.Empfangen Sie uns Unterstützung!" Clearly by now Herr Major
really wanted to go home.
"Nein" Said the catboy grinning at Herr Major. Schrodinger then sat back down next to Herr
Major and said slyly.
"Setzen Sie sexuelle Wörter hier ein. Insted?"
Herr Major raised an eyebrow in confusion at the catboy. Although he new perfectly well what
he was talking about.
"Vhy?" Asked Herr Major.
"Cause,gekommen in mein Auto.Ich nehme Sie zu Ihrem Haus.vorsichtig. Es gibt einen Bären in
der Rückseite."

Herr Major sat there dumbfounded he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had no idea what
Schrodinger was talking about.
"Vhat? Jou don't haf a car? Vhy bear in jour car?...Vhat?"
The catboy ignored Herr Major and continued in the conversation.
"Erinnern Sie sich an diesen Hund?" Schrodinger said grinning at Herr Major.
"Vhat dog?"
"Das nahm Bienen ein.Und als es bellte.Es woofed Bienen."
"Vhat? I don't remember a dog zhat ate bees and zhen vhen it barked it barked bees"
These odd conversation went on for almost another 2 hours. Then Herr Major realsied.
Schrodinger was on drugs.
Also by that time it was morining and the drugs had somewhat worn off.
"Ich fühle mich krank-bleh" Mumbled schrodinger while he was once again curled up in the far
corner of the van.
And that moment the vans back door open to reval Dok.
"Vhat are jou two doing in here?"

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PostSubject: Re: A fat guy and a drug addict stuck in a car. A millennium fanfic.   Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:12 am

Were is my bee barking dog!?

I loves it.
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A fat guy and a drug addict stuck in a car. A millennium fanfic.
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